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Today’s article I will introduce and guide you to use the famous keyword research tool that many SEO experts in the world are using, it is called “Long Tail Pro”, If you read the blogs about SEO, both local and foreign, SEO bloggers, or famous SEO companies recommend this tool.

Still like the usual style of Dinh Trang Blog, I will help you access the tool and use it most efficiently, detailing each operation so that you can quickly learn and tinker with this tool yourself.

1. What is Long Tail Pro Tool?

First, please visit the homepage of LTP software here: http://www.longtailpro.com.

Long Tail Pro Group Buy is a unique keyword research tool that supports very well for finding potential Long Tail Keywords (because there are many long-tail keywords with relatively low search volume & low competition). Then short and medium keywords), to have quality traffic and make money from those keywords.

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Spencer Haws founded long Tail Pro. He is the Founder of the famous Niche Pursuits site, a phenomenon in Affiliate Marketing Niche Sites.

I especially like using this tool because it’s easy to use, the interface is not complicated at all, all operations are almost shown with the full display button, so you are easy to get used to. Next, I will go into detailed usage for you.

2.So, what will Long Tail Pro help you do?

Called Long Tail Pro, it is easy to imagine that all the features of this tool will focus on helping you find a set of potential long-tail keywords.

With Long Tail Pro, you will be provided with the following features:

-Add multiple seed keywords at the same time to find multiple Keyword Ideas at the same time.

-You can upload an existing keyword list with up to 10k keywords at the same time to check

-Find key phrases similar to the desired word.

-Competitive analysis for each keyword separately helps you decide whether to choose this keyword in the set of keys or not.

And there are many more features that you can experience after using it.

What Long Tail Pro makes people love to use is the keyword competition check feature. This tool will show how much each keyword has a KC (Keyword Competitive) index.

This KC index will help you identify a particular keyword, whether it is difficult to SEO or not, has potential or not, a beginner site should embark on this keyword battle or not. KC and Long Tail Pro’s competitive testing feature will help you answer.

Here is a table to determine the difficulty of keywords through the KC (Keyword Competitive) index given by Long Tail Pro. You can refer to:

According to my personal experience, with new sites, you choose a keyword with a KC of about 30 or about 30, the chances of SEO for it to the top will be much more potential. It takes about 5-6 months for a keyword—this range.

Do not be greedy for search volume (Search Volume) high > 800 but choose keywords with KC > 40, 50 is not good SEO, very difficult to get up for the new site. Starting with words with KC < 30 and searches from 200 or more is good enough.

Ok, now that you have an overview of LTP, it’s time to practice installing and demo using each feature. 

3. What do you need to do to use the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool?

This tool sounds so attractive, doesn’t it, so? To get started with it, I will go through the following process with you one by one. After that, you can follow it wherever you go.

Step 1: Install necessary to use the software.

You need to know that Long Tail Pro is a paid keyword research software, not free, so you need to spend money to buy it.

If you want to use this software for free, I have two options for you:

+ Registering an account, buying Trial Long Tail Pro for ten days only takes $1 because keyword research is the first stage before building a website, so you buy the Trial version and use it for ten days. After using it, go to Paypal Cancel, and it’s fine 😀

+ Download cracked version online. Just search with Google for the keyword “Long Tail Pro version 3 full cracked”, and there will be many places for you to download, download and then scan for viruses before using for peace of mind.

Downloading and installing this software takes about 15 minutes, very fast.

Step 2: For the Long Tail Pro tool you downloaded to work, you need:

+ Make sure your computer has ADOBE AIR installed. You download it here, the installation is effortless, and I won’t say more.

+ Have 1 Google Adwords account to access Google Keyword Planner. How to create a Google Adwords account for the SEO keyword research I introduced in this article, if you haven’t already, review and create.

+ Moz API key, you get 1 Key for yourself here https://moz.com/products/api/keys, then open this link https://moz.com/products/mozscape/access, then enter Access ID, and Secret Key go to Setting -> User Account in Long Tail Pro, and you’re done.


Long Tail Pro is a paid keyword research tool that continuously ranks at the top of experts’ Research Keyword tool rankings. If you do MMO with Affiliate Marketing by website, it is impossible not to use it.
How to apply the tool optimally, I think that each person will have their way of using keywords when practising researching keywords. For me, I usually do it two ways. First, when I need to find ideas for keywords, I will enter Seed Keywords. Otherwise, I go to SPY competitors and check from their keyword list.
Long Tail Pro version Platinum is only $37/month, can be used for three devices, not expensive but excellent to use, and you can set up a team of 3 people to buy to use.
I hope this tutorial on using the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is helpful to you and your SEO work.
Good SEO to you!