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Have you ever wondered if your website has SEO standards or not? Today groupbuyseotools will introduce you to an extremely useful tool for SEOers, which is the WooRank tool. This is one of the most popular tools today in providing a standard assessment service of a website.

Below, Woorank Group Buy will guide you on how to evaluate standard SEO websites with this WooRank tool!


What is WooRank Tool?

WooRank is an online tool that helps you check and evaluate the entire SEO standard of a website. Thereby, the tool will score the SEO standard on a 100-point scale and provide reports and comments on the errors that need to be fixed and supplemented to make the website SEO standard and more quality.
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How to use WooRank? Essential parts of the evaluation criteria

To use this tool, you need to visit WooRank’s official page: and enter your website in the “Website URL to review” box. The tool will automatically return your results on a 100-point scale and other comments and ratings.

After receiving the results, if your website scores 50 points or more, congratulations, it’s on the right track!

Essential parts of WooRank’s website review:

In addition, WooRank also shows you 13 essential parts to optimize your website according to super standard evaluation criteria such as:

Top 5 priorities: written by web experts with in-depth experience, so it may not be suitable for you at some points.

Visitor: assess the number of visits through the Alexa index. Besides, it also gives you information about the gender and average age of visitors.

Social: this tool will statistics the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, … that your website achieves.

Mobile: indicates the loading speed of the website and web layout when the user switches to the mobile interface

SEO Basics: this feature will give five basic SEO steps

WWW Resolve: customers can access your website under two domains www and non-www

URL Rewrite: evaluate whether the URL link is canonical or not

IP Canonicalization: all website links return to the same IP address

Robots.txt: tell you if your website has a robots.txt file

XML Sitemap: check if your website already has a sitemap

SEO Content: these are WooRank’s assessments of parts of your article such as Title, Description Meta Keywords, …

SEO Links: shows the website homepage rating and determines the number of backlinks pointing to your sites

SEO Authority: This assessment table will tell you about the number of pages, PR, google index, Domain age … and some popular pages on your sites.

SEO backlinks: tells you how many backlinks point to your sites. 

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