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VideoBlocks group buy is a website that offers quality videos with lots of high-resolution options to choose from. Besides, this tool contains various


VideoBlocks a popular video hosting service and a graphical market launched a new photo, video, and audio storage service called Storyblocks. Because I’m a big fan of VideoBlocks Group Buy (F.K.A Videoblocks) for a long time, I am happy to test their new platform. And today, after a year of use, I’m willing to share your opinion with you.

What is VideoBlocks?

VideoBlocks is a registration service that provides access to more than 1.5 million copyrighted digital goods that can be downloaded for use for personal and commercial purposes.

VideoBlocks group buy Modify all of the company’s services: Video Warehouse Library, Sounds, and Photos. StoryBlocks provide their members with monthly and annual packages at affordable prices.

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Their registration includes unlimited downloads from a large and growing member library. And as I mentioned before, all the content is free of charge so you can use it forever even if your membership expires.

The company has announced that StoryBlocks Video (F.K.A Videoblocks) has merged with StoryBlocks and they did so now it was a block. You can read a review about Storyblocks Video (F.K.A Videoblocks) here. However, all Storyblocks services, including StoryBlocks Video (F.K.A Videoblocks), can be easily accessible by clicking the button on top of their main pages. In the future, Storyblocks can also add additional services, such as samples, fonts, v.V.

Advantages Storyblocks

Download unlimited. Storyblocks provides membership including unlimited downloads while registering are active and the use of unlimited files downloaded even if the membership is no longer active.

Licensing easily with unlimited use. Independent licenses and business licenses: Both are free of permanent copyright, which can be used worldwide, unlimited use for personal and commercial projects. And unless your projects cost more than 20,000 dollars to produce, you can use the standard license.

Rich diverse video warehouse – more than 835,000, audio – 125,000+ and 427,000+ images at the present time, and there are new videos constantly added to the platform.

New video storage, images, and audio files are being added to the platform without losing additional charges to current and new members.

Storyblocks has a free trial option, this is great. However, it may not be the best choice for many people. Please read more to find out the reason.

Affordable price. StoryBlocks’ unlimited membership costs are equal to the prices that some securities companies charge for a 4K video. There is also an option to become a separate video, audio or image member (in case you don’t want to get an unlimited membership including all three). See the price analysis below.

Disadvantages Storyblocks

It is not free. However, there is a free trial option, but after that, you will have to pay a membership fee.

Selecting an appropriate registration package can be difficult and requires some thought. This article will help you make the right decision.

The free trial version provides you with access to the video library (no sound or image).

Storyblocks price list

Unlimited all costs $ 65 / month or $ 349 / year. Basic video includes 5 downloads: $ 19 / month or $ 99 / year.

Unlimited video prices: $ 39 / month or $ 199 / year. Basic sound consists of 3 downloads: $ 9 / month or $ 99 / year.

Unlimited sound: $ 15 / month or $ 149 / year. Photos are sold as part of Storyblocks Unlimited.

Now let’s talk about prices. In the images below, you can see how many packages are and what include.

StoryBlocks Video

You can choose from two packages: basic and unlimited.

With a Basic package, you only get 5 HD clips every month. Please note that samples, audio, and images 4K, After Effects are not included in the plan. So basically, you are paying 19 dollars per month ($ 8.25 / month if you buy an annual registration) for 5 HD videos.

With the Unlimited package, you get unlimited downloads, HD, 4K, and After. Sounds and images are not included. This package costs 39 dollars per month ($ 16.58 / month if you buy an annual registration).