LucidChart Group Buy



Lucidchart is the most useful tool today in Vietnam and many countries around the world. So what is Lucidchart? Why need to buy Lucidchart? These are two big questions posed in this article. To understand more and know the useful information of Lucidchart group buy, read the article below!

What is Lucidchart?

Lucidchart is an online tool that helps you in drawing charts that become fast, easy, and save time.

After installing this tool, you can easily use it online (online) or offline (offline) to create, edit your charts.

If you are done online, you will easily share your charts with other people to experience real-time collaboration with incorporated changes and synchronization instantly.

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Features of Lucidchart

  •  Draw charts, thinking diagrams
  • Enter Ms. Visio multiple versions
  • Output items in many formats
  •  Support teamwork on the map
  •  Integrating cloud services

Effective and easy to use.

Firstly, Lucidchart has a lot of shapes for you to choose from, secondly, it can automatically give many suggestions to add and link objects quickly. Third, you can drag new lines from all objects, drag and drop to supplement the image you choose. Fourth, about file sorting issues, you can export (vector) PDF, PNG, and JPG. Thursday, you can embed different charts in blogs or wikis. In addition, Lucidchart also has many other effects.

Work coordination

Lucidchart adjusts and coordinates immediately in real-time adjustment to help you work easier. It is homogeneous when done if two people are shown on the tool. It’s true.

Lucidchart’s general purchase price outside the market
The application allows completely free use but has some limited features. For a better experience, you can upgrade your account. You can take advantage of 14 days of trial-paid features and decide whether or not.

Features drawing Chart of Lucidchart

The general purchase price of this tool on the market falls around: Lucidchart’s basic paid package costs $ 4 / per month and it allows you to use unlimited shapes and documents. Meanwhile, the Pro user package costs $ 10 / per month with the import option or exporting Visio file. If you have a small group that often cooperates in design, Pro plans for groups with a slightly high price of $ 20 per month.

However, depending on the website or sources of different accounts will have different rates. You should be careful to avoid pity things like buying currency accounts, poor quality, money loss, … okay!

Should I buy a lucid chart account?

As you saw, the purchase price of the Lucidchart account I mentioned above is quite expensive. Although Lucidchart is really a useful, excellent tool in drawing charts that become fast, easy, and save time. In order to be able to use extensive data, rich content available in the Lucidchart tool, giving you the best experience, you should invite friends, relatives to buy the Lucidchart account to use it!

If you are still a student and meet very much financial difficulties, the purchase of a Lucidchart account is so suitable for you. It is possible to use useful tools and can be easily costly.