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After conducting and researching the keyword set, the keyword difficulty test is the last step before closing the keyword set and writing SEO articles. KeywordRevealer is a helpful tool to help you take that final step. In this article, you will understand KeywordRevealer, why you should use Keyword Revealer to measure keyword difficulty, and why you should buy KeywordRevealer together?


What is KeywordRevealer?

KeywordRevealer is a tool to analyze keywords, search volume, check difficulty … to help you choose keywords for SEO.

KeywordRevealer is a keyword analysis tool.

For SEO projects, finding keywords is one of the core things for search engine optimization. And the KeywordRevealer tool helps you find that core set of keywords.

With Keyword Revealer, you can search for keywords, check keyword rankings in just a short time, thereby optimizing your website and lead reasonable backlinks.


How to sign up for a KeywordRevealer account?

To use the KeywordRevealer tool to check keyword difficulty, you need to have a registered account.

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Choose to register for a Free or Paid account and then register as usual.

For a paid account, you will have more privileges to use the features of the Keyword Revealer tool.

Step 3: Successful registration. You can proceed to check the keyword competition level. 

How to find keyword competition on KeywordRevealer

Search the menu bar and click Tools or Keyword tools, then type the keyword you want to check and select the country you want to SEO for that keyword. Click submit and wait about 10 seconds. You will receive ten related keywords to measure.

Using Keyword Revealer

If you want to see monthly search statistics, keyword CPU value, keyword difficulty level… then click Evaluate to check. The difficulty scale ranges from 0 to 100, and usually, for average competition, the keyword selection is about 18 points.

KeywordRevealer will list ten pages with that keyword. With criteria PA, DA, PR, Backlinks, MozRank, Google +, Facebook…. From the statistics article, you can see the link to the competitor’s website, see if their Web is optimized, how the content is … before deciding to choose that keyword to avoid the case of SEO forever but not get to the top.

Features of KeywordRevealer:

Keyword research, set of keywords

Fast processing speed, saving time when you need to measure the difficulty of keywords.
Suggest thousands of untapped long-tail keywords for the niche.
See the difficulty score for each keyword and analyze the competition currently ranking on the first page of Google.

Keyword brainstorming feature

Allows you to discover each keyword in the specific contexts being searched by users. This is one of the most complicated aspects when it comes to keyword analysis based on consumer intent.

Rank Tracker

Save time and money because KeywordRevealer can automate the process of checking and ranking your keywords in Google every day. View your current rankings and measure changes in rankings with yesterday, last week, last month, or since you started tracking keywords.

KeywordRevealer is a great keyword research tool. However, if you use it for free, you will not be able to take advantage of its outstanding features. Using paid, buying individual packages, you have to maintain a reasonably high monthly fee. It is similar to using a fibre optic network and paying for a monthly package.

So is there a solution where you can still use the full features but only pay a small monthly or quarterly, or yearly fee?

The World’s Best Keywordreleaver Group Buy

KeywordRevealer Group Buy will help you solve the above concern. This software will help you analyze thoroughly from there to get the optimal set of keywords for your SEO strategy, and buying together will help you save maximum costs for yourself because it will be difficult for you to spend a large amount of money each month on tools and ask for approval to spend money on tools with your superiors.

>>Hopefully, the above article has helped you gain more knowledge about the Keyword Revealer tool – Research the difficulty of each keyword and why you should buy Keyword Revealer together. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us for more detailed advice and support. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a KeywordRevealer account with the chance to get the best keywords for your business. Thank you for following our KeywordRevealer article today, have a productive day.


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