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What is Jungle Scout,

Junglescout Group Buy is an amazon research tool. It allows you to discover the best products, estimate the sales, track keywords and spy on your competitors.

Why Jungle Scout works for you

Believe it or not there was a prehistoric period when people sold their products. This meant that giant reptiles had to compete for food and land.

Jungle Scout offers a better alternative than spending hours doing this by yourself. You can also rely on your gut feeling, something I still love. Jungle Scout can complete it in a matter of minutes. The competition is growing every day.

Over 1,000,000 NEW SELLER joined last year.

How does Jungle Scout operate?

Start by choosing a product line. Then brainstorm other product lines that appeal to you. This will make it easier that potential customers find these products.

The Chrome extension of Jungle Scout allows you to run a query about the products in your line. This includes sales estimates, reviews data, and possible price points.

The jungle scout tutorial: How Does It Work?

Jungle Scout Reviews & Is Jungle Scout the best Amazon FBA

Use the online search engine to refine your search.

  • Price range
  • Preferences by Country
  • Product weight
  • Minimum monthly sales
  • Sales demographics

These criteria will allow you to target your sales to the right people. You can also use the online application to help you identify new product niches.

Jungle Scout also helps you to determine the extent and type of competition. Jungle Scout can help you determine the competition and find areas that you can win over your competitors. They can also assist you in setting up merchant fulfillment options.

Overview of Jungle Scout Features

Product Category Self-Explanatory

  • Competitor: A score between 1-10. A score of 1-10 indicates the lowest competition. A score of 1 means that there is no coffee review count. This also gives you the chance to rank page 1.
  • Amazon SEO (Listing Q Score): Amazon’s SEO could be a thing. There are a few things that can be done to optimize listings for higher rankings.
  • Opportunity Score is a score that is generally supported by all of the factors. If it is high it could be a great opportunity (in theory).
    Once you have set the parameters it will generate a list keywords and niches for you to explore.

Niche Hunter is like a local guide, who hires many people to find hidden treasures in Amazon.


Product Tracker gives you the ability to see the entire history of sales for the product.

Jungle Scout’s product tracker lets you see a live snapshot from a product’s history.

Amazon Product Tracker: ASIN, BSR & Rank Tracking App | Jungle Scout

This is so useful!

Imagine you’re searching for product ideas. If you find 1,500 ladybugs live, you will know that you have the next big idea.

Ladybugs Amazon Product

You will get a strong view about the history and potential for success (very high), as well as a trade book rank, the price of the product, sold unit, inventory available, reviews and other data.

This allows you to use data-driven research that is more secure than following your instincts.

Product Database

Jungle Scout’s Product Database has more than 70 million products taken from Amazon. It’s easy to use preset filters, which give you instant inspiration. You can easily fall into analysis paralysis when staring down a list with 70 million products. The filters allow you to choose the foremost common criteria (like high-demand/low-competition).

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FBA entrepreneurs tend to ignore the database.

You can find any Amazon product with a price range between $350 to $4 stars.

Keyword Scout

Amazon’s keyword search plays a critical role in your success. It is crucial to optimize your listings in order to be found for those search terms.

Before the more sophisticated Keywordtools, finding the right keywords was a tedious process.

Ever poured $10,000 down the toilet? Keyword Scout makes Keywordtools research easier.

Keyword Scout has many advantages

  • Amazon shoppers search niche keywords
  • Keywords: There is a lot of demand
  • Understanding the relevancy keyword phrases
  • PPC budgets can easily be calculated and managed
  • To rank products faster
  • The main advantage that the corporate claims to have over the community is that it bases its tool on real needs from the community.

Ranking and Keyword Difficulty

This score is used to indicate how difficult a term can be to rank. While “womens footwear” is nearly impossible to rank, it is possible for more complex terms to be ranked.

Relevance Score

This score is used to indicate the relevance of a term or phrase to your original query.

JungleScouttChrome Extension

Jungle Scout Pro 3.1 Cracked Amazon Chrome Extension | What is amazon, Writing services, Chrome extension

Chrome extension can be purchased in two levels: Lite or Pro.

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • The category rankings
  • Support & updates on an ongoing basis

Pro Chrome extension came with all of these advanced features, as well as many others that allow advanced data analysts to analyze data.

  • Web App Advanced Integration
  • Sales Item Profit Calculator
  • Dimensions & weight of all items
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Chance Score

These features make it easy for both those who are looking to start a business and those with a steady income stream.

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