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What is Jungle Scout ?

You have been and want to sell on Amazon FBA. You don’t know what products to sell on it. Want to find best selling items on Amazon. In this article, we will introduce you to a tool that will help you find niches and keywords on Amazon, which is Jungle scout. And Junglescout’s shared purchase service will certainly not let you down. So let’s find out what benefits this tool brings to you.

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What is Junglescout?

jungle scout is a tool used to do market research on things that are selling exclusively on Amazon. Jungle scout will give you a list of products that can generate quite a bit of revenue for you and maximize their profits. It also offers you the best price by looking at all Amazon receipt fees. Your competitive price will be provided, and one of them is the profit margin suggested by you.

Features of Junglescout

Jungle Scout product database

This is a key feature of Jungle Scout, allowing you to filter Amazon categories, including those related to sellers only. Here you can filter by all criteria so you can find and analyze potential products.

Some important information that you need to know:

Choose the market you target: Junglescout allows you to research needs in Amazon US, Canada, Germany, Spain, etc.
Select FBA, FBM or Amazon sold products to find the right product with Amazon FBA.
Jungle scout will filter products by criteria such as product price, weight (in pounds), reviews, and minimum sales per month.
You can add or remove keywords for a more accurate search.
You will enter the product keyword you want to find in the Include Keyword box.
Jungle scout will help you list all the products on Amazon. Includes cost, profit, weight, reviews, bestseller ratings, number of sellers selling those products, estimated sales and revenue per month.

Product tracking

This feature allows you to track sales, inventory, BSR, and other information about any product on the Amazon platform.

You can also track the sales of your competitors’ products to see if they’re doing well. From there you can decide if you should compete with them or not.

Find the Junglescount Niche Hunter product niche.

With Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter. It can help you find potential markets, competition and tons of other helpful information for you. This tool just sets up some customizations and click run to let Jungle Scout retrieve the necessary information.

Keyword Research Keyword Scout

This tool has only been out in Junglescout for a while. As the name implies, this is a tool used for keyword research advertising on Amazon. Keyword Scout seems to have gained traction with the Amazon sales community when it was launched not too long ago.

This tool can estimate the exact and extensive search volume for keywords, along with cost, which is the most important feature of Amazon advertising.

Looking for Supplier Database

This feature will provide you with a high-quality supplier database. The special thing is that they support the Amazon FBA form. This is extremely important because you will save a lot of time looking for suppliers and explaining to them why you are in Vietnam but require them to import warehouses in the US. In addition, you’ll have access to a list of thousands of Amazon FBA-enabled vendors, offering high-quality, Amazon-certified products at affordable prices and good wholesale policies.

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What is the price of Junglescout Group Buy in the market?

Although there is no free trial package, Junglescout gives you a 7-day trial. If you find the tool does not work for you, you will be refunded. The tool will have three basic packages: Basic $49/1 month – Suite $69/1 month – Professional $129/1 month. It can be seen that maintaining such account packages is difficult for small businesses or individuals with low income. So you can consider buying together Junglescout Group Buy as a way to reduce costs. In general, the available purchase price of the instrument in the market is around 5$/month.

Why should you choose the service of Junglescout Group Buy?

Choosing the places that provide the prestigious Junglescout general purchase service makes many people wonder and worry. Is buying Junglescout at these locations quality and guaranteed?

If you want to use this tool with quality and make sure you don’t lose your account, you should choose reputably and trusted providers. We specialize in providing cheap and quality Junglescout tools, with many years of experience in the profession and professionalism and dedication. We will always try to be able to satisfy our customers, giving them the best experience.

>>> Through this article, we have given you a comprehensive look at this Junglescout tool and how great its benefits are for you. If you would like to purchase a Junglescout joint purchase account, please get in touch with us. We will support you as enthusiastically as possible. It’s our honour to help you reduce some costs when buying an account.

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