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Crazy Egg group buy some people say that the Heatmap tools are like the secret spies of the internet marketing world.


There is a lot of software that helps track users’ access to the website today. Crazy Egg group buy particular, a heat map is a useful tool, bringing a lot of value and great benefits. Let’s find out with Mona Media what a heat map is, as well as the top Crazy Egg good heat map software for websites when it is determined to support quality web development, effective and highly beneficial applications.

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Let's find out with Mona Media what a heat map is
Let’s find out with Mona Media what a heat map 

What is a heat Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg map is a type of heat map that uses images and colors to display detailed and complete data. This is an intuitive tool when put into use that helps to read complex data is carried out efficiently and conveniently for maximum work simplification. Crazy Egg this point, readers can completely understand the meaning of each data no matter how complicated it is just through one look.

Using a heat map is the behavioral analysis tool for each website. From there, determining what titles users, or what they are interested in on the website, or what attracts their attention on the website, etc. are provided. For those who are running the website, these are extremely useful analytics and data. It helps us to exploit and develop the website more efficiently and effectively.

For those who are running the website
For those who are running the website

Reasons to use heat map software for websites

The use of Crazy Egg software for websites is highly appreciate. Becoming an important part thanks to the benefits it brings. Thanks to the use of a heat map, it is easier for us to read the user’s interaction with the website. This will be the basis for us to ask essential questions to support the best website operation.

The user found the required content or could not find the content.

Users find and use the main links of the website, or command buttons, CTAs, etc.
Attention distracts by elements that are not accessible.
Users encounter problems when switching interfaces or devices.

Top 8 best heat map software

From the practical benefits brought, the use of heat map software is necessary for the website. Therefore, finding out and capturing information about the best, highly rated heat map software helps the application consideration process go smoothly.

If you are looking for heat map analysis software, ClickTale is the ideal choice. The ability to deliver the technology as a powerful in-memory, and the analytical depth that makes real-world application needs well addressed. In particular, the biggest advantage that they offer is integration with many other analytical tools that we can use types such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

How to Use Google Analytics for Beginners.

With the heat map software evolution,  include in the application. I highly appreciate its ease of use even with heat maps on a specific website. In evolution, there are plugins for all the most popular and popular platforms. At the same time. Providing a dashboard can help users make sense of the data they are currently seeing quickly, intuitively, and accurately.

evolution will cover clicking, mouse interaction, scrolling, and movement all with detailed data. Thanks to evolution, it also has wide web analytics so that users. And managers get the best overview of the performance of your website.

Hotjar heat map software, when put into use, highly appreciate, known as a powerful tool for more suitable applications.