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BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for people who are stuck with ideas for curating digital content. BuzzSumo Group Buy is the solution to help you save money effectively when using the BuzzSumo tool.

For Marketing activities, Content plays a particularly important role because it helps to hit the psychology of customers and stimulate them to buy through quality articles or Content. However, one day, you may be hungry for ideas to create Content for your website or Fanpage. At this point, BuzzSumo is the tool to help you find a huge content store and get new ideas when building Content on the Internet.

Discover the cheap BuzzSumo Group Buy service that saves you money using this excellent content research tool.

What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is an effective tool to help you build quality content when doing marketing. Through this tool, you can collect, analyze and research content from social networks, competitors or websites on the Internet. Besides, it explores the vast digital content ideas and updates the latest content trends (Trending).

BuzzSumo is a great digital content research tool.
With a joint purchase of BuzzSumo, you know which topics are of interest to the online community and have the direction to build effective content on Facebook or Google, thanks to the detailed statistics of this platform. Thereby, you know how to build engaging content, discover unique content ideas that help increase user interaction quickly.

How can the BuzzSumo tool help you?

BuzzSumo is an essential tool for marketers, SEOs or copywriters. This tool has many different features for finding content and content ideas for users when taking care of Fanpage or website.

Keyword research and digital content trends (Discover)

First, thanks to the Discover feature, this tool allows users to research effective keywords quickly. Along with that is to capture the latest trends on popular MXH today (Trending).

Effective keyword research with BuzzSumo tool.

In addition, the system also collects and synthesizes questions related to keywords or topics that users are searching for and suggests related topics around that keyword.

Searching for content is simple (Content)

With the Web Content feature (formerly Content Analyzer), when purchased together with BuzzSumo, you can also search and explore a huge digital content store on this famous tool. With just a simple operation, you can get many related content results when searching for keywords. These contents are arranged by interaction, convenient for users to research and analyze.

Research and analyze the most engaging content.

Thanks to that, you can know what topics and types of content receive great attention from the online community. Along with that is the source of the page that attracts the most visitors. From there, learn how to build effective content for your website or Fanpage.

Search for influencers (Influencers)

Influencers are influential people in the content building community. Through your BuzzSumo account, you can quickly find the exact influencers in your niche/industry with Youtube Influencers, Twitter Influencers or Top Authors.

Find and learn from influencers with BuzzSumo.

The goal is to learn how to build content from influential Internet celebrities. At the same time, you can link with them to advertise your brand or product in line with your orientation.

Facebook Statistics (Facebook Analyzer)

Another great feature you get when you buy BuzzSumo together is Facebook Analyzer. This feature allows you to keyword search the posts that are having the most interaction on Facebook.

Besides, you can research and learn how to build content to get high engagement. In addition, the software allows you to check any Facebook Fanpage to see their best posts.

Content Collection and Notification (Monitoring)

Monitoring is one of the unique features of BuzzSumo software. This feature is quite similar to Google Alert, but it is much more effective. It allows notifications of new content related to the topic you are interested in.

Not only that, but this feature also generates notifications coming from specific keywords, competitors, authors or brands. So you can research audience-specific content strategies.

Other Features of Buzzsumo

Besides the above main features, this tool also provides users with some other relatively interesting features when purchasing a BuzzSumo account together.

Trending Now – Search for hot topics, new content trends.

Backlink: Search and filter Backlinks linking to related topics and keywords.

Question Analyzer: Displays question and answer keywords, long keywords.

Pros and cons of BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is highly appreciated by the SEO community, Copywriters and Marketers in implementing Marketing activities for websites or social networks. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of BuzzSumo software.


Gather information, news, HOT topics, new content trends quickly.

A simple search for any keyword, any topic at any time (24 hours, one week, one month, six months or one year).

The indicators display specific and detailed information and always update new trends.

The contents are precisely selected and scientifically classified for the convenience of users to study and analyze.

Optimized filters for different search analysis results such as articles, videos, interviews, Infographics, Giveaways, etc.

Help users quickly have new ideas to write content for websites or advertise products and services to attract customers.


The cost of using a BuzzSumo account is still relatively high. The cheapest plan is up to $99/month. The highest package is more than $499/month. 

Why use Buzzsumo Group Buy service?

The BuzzSumo tool can be of great help to you when creating content and implementing customer-oriented Content Marketing activities. However, the paid service packages of BuzzSumo software are still relatively high. Specifically, there are four account packages that BuzzSumo is providing as follows.

A BuzzSumo Pro account costs $99/month or $77/month for an annual subscription.
A BuzzSumo Plus account costs $179/month or $139/month for an annual subscription.
A BuzzSumo Large account costs $299/month or $239/month when purchased annually.
BuzzSumo Enterprise accounts start at $499/month.
at BuzzSumo
BuzzSumo’s paid plans are relatively expensive.
So if you sign up for a separate BuzzSumo account, it’s costly. Minimum of more than hundreds of dollars for one month of use. Meanwhile, buying together BuzzSumo is a way to save money. Because the amount you spend is very small compared to the original price of the paid packages of the BuzzSumo tool, at the same time, you can use the full features of this tool.

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